CounselorBiblical Executive & Life Coach ▪ Counselor Educator ▪ Behavioral Health Management Consultant ▪ Professional Speaker

Dr. Glenda Clare - HostFragile Families NETWORK Founder and Behavioral Health Management Consultant Dr. Glenda Clare has served as a health professional for more than 20 years with experience in public health and behavioral health.   She has developed community programs and worked directly with members of populations impacted by chronic illness, compassion fatigue, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, incarceration, domestic violence, foster care and homelessness.

Dr. Clare is a counselor and counselor educator.  She specializes in play therapy and trauma focused, cognitive behavioral therapy as well as general counseling for individuals groups and family units.

Counseling is not for everyone. Some people require coaching.  Dr Glenda Clare is a board certified coach specializing in Biblical Life & Executive Coaching.

Finally, Dr. Glenda Clare has training in health information technology and health informatics.

Dr. Clare’s personal motto is “Th!nk Possibilities”.  She believes that people can learn to think in new ways to overcome the challenges experienced in personal and family life. If you become a client for counseling or coaching services don’t be surprised if you are asked to engage in homework assignments between sessions that involve edutainment including cinematherapy as a means to help you to  reframe sometimes challenging experiences.

Dr. Glenda Clare is the host of the “We All Got Issues” show.  She is also a professional speaker and the author of “Don’t Adopt that Child!—Things Grandparents and Other Relatives Need to Know Before Assuming Custody,” a powerful, personal account of her own experience with the process of guardianship and 8 Steps to Abundant Living” are scheduled for publication and release in 2014. She also contributed three chapters to the edited volume entitled Critical Incidents in Counseling Children by Suzanne Dugger and Laurie Carlson.

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